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Are you a language coach looking to support language learners?

We train, advocate for, and bring language coaches together to strive for excellence in general language coaching, corporate and communication coaching, and core coaching principles.

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ILCA is dedicated to empowering language coaches to enhance their coaching skills. We strive to enable you to further grow and excellence in your language coaching career.

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2024 International Language Coaching Conference

Are You A Language Coach?

Are your language coaching efforts as effective as they could be? Gain confidence in your coaching skills when you get access to our exclusive ILCA language coaching standards guide.

    Let's Go Further

    ILCA is rewriting the traditional language coaching approach through our training program that combines theory and practical application.

    Understanding Key Concepts

    Providing a comprehensive understanding of key concepts, ensuring that you leave with the knowledge and skills to excel in your coaching practice.

    Ability To Differentiate

    Empowering you with the ability to differentiate between teaching, personalized training, and coaching, to effectively support learners on their language learning journey.

    Framework & Ideas

    Equipping you with a framework and practical ideas to support autonomous learners in the classroom, empowering you to help learners take charge of their language learning.

    Meet ILCA

    Our Co-Founders

    Driven by their dedication to spreading the global practice of language coaching.

    Carrie McKinnon

    An American linguist and entrepreneur specializing in business communication training, program direction, and content creation in ESL.

    Gabriella Kovács, PCC

    An Australian-born internationally certified language coach, business communication trainer (B.Ed., M.A.), mentor, and teacher trainer.


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