7 – 9 June 2024, Budapest

The 3rd International Language Coaching Conference

Organized By ILCA

The 2024 International Language Coaching Conference

EmpowerED: Language Coaching in the Age of Innovation

With an international panel of speakers, this conference is ideal for professional growth and holistic development. This highly anticipated event will provide a platform for language coaches, educators, and enthusiasts to explore the multifaceted dimensions of language learning, communication, and personal and business growth.

Attendees and speakers are invited to spend a casual morning on Sunday to relax on exquisite Margaret Island and engage in some fun and games around the themes of our conference.

It won’t be easy to choose from the plenaries, talks and workshops at a superb venue that will aim to cover a wide range of themes relating to Language and Communication Coaching.

Some of our speakers: Sarah Mercer, Liz England, David Corcoran, Carrie Mckinnon and Gabriella Kovács. More names to come!

What Will You Learn?

Exploring Personal Growth, Coaching Excellence, and Language Mastery:

Delve into themes like personal well-being, resilience, and mindfulness practices, fostering a culture of positivity and confidence among language educators. Embrace coaching excellence through self-awareness, cross-cultural communication, and ethical considerations. Master the subtleties of language through sessions focused on various communication-related themes and contexts.

AI Integration and Business Brilliance:

In this age of innovation, we explore the integration of AI in language coaching, diving into adaptive teaching strategies and ethical considerations. Understand the nuances of AI-driven language learning platforms and personalized learning journeys. Additionally, gain business insights by learning strategies for online presence, effective client relationship management, and even intellectual property protection.

The 2024 International Language Coaching Conference

We Will See You In Budapest

Gain a deeper understanding of the profound connection between language coaching, Positive Psychology, and personal well-being. Explore practical strategies, research findings, and real-life stories that will inspire your language journey and empower your coaching practice.

Who Should Attend?

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