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Expert Talk Series

Mastering Cross-Cultural Communication: Building Intercultural Fluency

with Carolin Zeitler

Explore Cross-Cultural Communication & Intercultural Fluency in this concise one-hour webinar. Develop communication skills to connect with diverse cultures, recognize unspoken norms, and grasp underlying meanings. Break down cultural barriers for smoother interactions, fostering effective collaboration.

Carolin Zeitler

The Impact Collective

Culture Alchemist & Founder

Carolin’s work is first and foremost about getting purpose-driven entrepreneurs out of their daily struggles and into flow to create more impact, connection and collaboration – and build cultures conducive to success.

Over the past 20 years, she has gained a deep understanding of many aspects of Talent, Leadership & Organizational Development – be it as a managing director, a trainer for coaches, an entrepreneur, a consultant or an executive coach.

Her dance therapy background enables her to integrate movement, breath and mindfulness into her work to make it more effective.

Find out more about Carolin’s work on her website at​

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