A conversation about communication, outcomes, and quality

Contributor: Gabriella Kovács ACC

Talking to language teachers working in a LC approach with their learners I am always curious to find out how it actually impacts their communication, the outcomes, the overall quality of lessons.

I had the following conversation with a teacher I would like to share with you here:

What do you see is different in your teaching practice now that you incorporate a LC approach?

I enjoy the fact that I can ask the student – not only about the learned material, but much earlier, before actually starting to teach. The whole process is far more free in that the student also feels they have a say in the process.

In which areas of your teaching do you notice the impact of LC most?

When I am narrowing down, specifying the scope of the course with a student at the beginning, and during courses also. There is more feedback and two-way communication.

Which skills and competencies of yours has changed most by acquiring a LC approach to your lessons?

I now let the student talk more and react to situations and I don’t feel I should be solving everything. This was particularly important for me to relax a bit and not have the need to fill the silence.

Why is it good if a teacher adds to their skills in this way?

It is great to clarify with students that you are working on their goals, but decisions are mutually made. Many think that the teacher will pour all knowledge into their heads and should take full responsibility for success. By applying a coaching approach roles and responsibilities become clear right from the start, because we, teachers learn what it takes to deliver a good lesson for years, we tend to think we are the sole providers of knowledge in class, and students enter lessons with this attitude too. However, this feeds the misconception and makes it more difficult to start a relationship built on partnership in coaching.

This method helps me to answer questions about language teaching and to approach teaching and coaching in a systematic way.


Gabriella Kovács ACC

Language coach, teacher trainer, business communications language trainer


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