Autonomous learning in the online world by Jo Szőke

In this workshop Jo examines how our clients can use what the internet has to offer to engage more efficiently with learning tasks, utilize their time more effectively resulting in faster learning progress.

Teaching or coaching doesn’t start when the student or client walks in, nor does it finish when they leave the room. If our clients wish to reach the goals they have set, they need to be reminded how much it matters what they do outside the classroom to develop their language skills.

There have been a number of opportunities to practice English outside class but there are now even more ways to exploit what the internet has to offer. Providing an autonomous mindset to clients that will help them use anything and everything around them is no longer an option: it has become a necessity.

Jo presents useful strategies and approaches that can turn online sources into possible learning resources to improve English skills, and will guide us by sharing tools and sites that you can recommend to your clients to check and work with on their own.

Jo has been teaching English for more than 10 years in Hungary, Poland, and in the UK. Having finished her DELTA, she became actively involved in teacher training. She is a regular presenter at TEFL conferences, an assistant lecturer of ELT methodology at a Hungarian university, and a content creator for several English teaching websites and video channels. She has also just started her PhD, focusing on assessment and feedback. In her free time, Jo loves going downhill and jumping around in foreign forests on her mountain bike.

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