Coaching Refugees on language, communication, and intercultural themes with Kathy Ellis

Refugees must leave their countries based on survival and safety and may be forced to flee more than once.

This heart warming talk details how an experienced language coach reaches success with her clients and what insights the speaker has gained throughout the process.


  • A general background knowledge of displacement around the globe and in the presenter’s city of residence, Atlanta, Georgia, US
  • Deeper insights of the specific challenges that refugees face and how the challenges affect your language coaching approaches
  • The plusses and pitfalls of language coaching approaches when working with refugees

Speaker bio:

Kathy Ellis has been in the educational fields for over 40 years as a language coach, director, trainer, curricular designer, university professor, teacher, international student advisor, and tutor. Presently, Kathy coaches Afghan women, provides ESL in the global workplace, and conducts USA orientations/intercultural sessions for corporations. Kathy resides in Atlanta, Georgia, US with her two multilingual cats.

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