Navigating Turbulent Times: The Power of Language Coaching

Discover the power of coaching in turbulent times and how it can improve learning outcomes for teachers and students in this insightful video. Our expert guest speaker shares her insights on how coaching can stretch the bandwidth of teaching in adverse external environments and promote language coaching in Ukraine while supporting ESL teachers in their professional development.

Whether you’re a language teacher or student looking to enhance communication skills and boost confidence, this video is for you. Learn how language coaching can help you overcome external barriers and achieve your language goals, even in the most challenging circumstances.

Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insights from this month’s expert, Nataliya Vizir. Watch now and discover the benefits of coaching in improving learning outcomes.

About the speaker: Nataliya has extensive experience working in various language-related roles and now focuses on helping non-native English users achieve their language goals, enhance communication skills, and gain confidence as English speakers. She also promotes language coaching in Ukraine and supports ESL teachers in their professional development.

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