Niche and program-based teaching in language coaching with James Liu

Jame’s explains 2 transitions language coaches should make to help them succeed when going independent.

  1. Transitioning from general teaching to niche work
  2. Transitioning from session based teaching to program-based teaching

James Liu Bio:

Born and raised in China, James has been studying, working, and living in the US for over 10 years. He received a PhD in physics and an MBA from Wake Forest University and undertook postdoctoral training at Harvard. As part of his life in the US, he has been constantly taking English lessons, both in person and online, to help improve his English proficiency. The English teachers he has met have made a huge impact on both his personal and professional life. Because his English teachers had such a significant impact on his life, he decided that he wanted to give back to the teaching community. It all started when he helped 2 teachers he met on Verbling to improve their performances and grow their online teaching businesses. They made a lot of progress, and so he decided to dedicate himself to this course and start his own consulting firm to help as many teachers as possible. Prior to establishing his own consulting business, he spent 2 years in management and marketing consulting where he helped all types of companies, from startups to global companies, in the US, EU, and China grow their businesses and overcome the challenges they faced in pricing, marketing, sales, etc.


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