Language Coaching To dos and Not to dos

Enhance your language coaching skills and check out the fundamental principles that will guide your coaching experience. Here are some essential “To Dos” and “Not To Dos” to keep in mind when working with a client.

To Dos:

1. Active Listening: Engage in active listening to deeply understand your clients’ language and communication needs, allowing them to express themselves fully.
2. Empower Self-Discovery: Encourage self-discovery and self-awareness in clients by asking powerful questions that prompt reflection on their language goals and challenges.
3. Goal Alignment: Collaborate with clients to align their language and communication goals with their personal and professional aspirations.
4. Feedback for Growth: Provide constructive feedback that empowers clients to identify areas for improvement and develop their language and communication skills.
5. Increasing Sensitivity & Awareness: Encourage clients to explore and embrace cultural differences, enhancing their overall sensitivity and awareness in communication.


Not To Dos:

1. Authoritative Coaching Style: Do not resort to a commanding presence with domineering communication. Instead, guide clients toward their own insights and solutions in their language and communication usage.
2. Imparting Knowledge: Avoid simply imparting your own knowledge or solutions. The coaching approach is about facilitating the client’s learning and growth.
3. Low Client Autonomy: Do not push your agenda or language goals onto clients. Respect their autonomy and let them define their language journey.
4. Passing Judgment: Refrain from making judgments or criticisms about clients’ skills and ideas. Create a non-judgmental space for exploration and new discoveries.
5. Rushing Progress: Recognize that language and communication development takes time. Do not pressure clients to rush through the process; let them progress at their pace.


Gabriella Kovács MA, PCC

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