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Looking for coaching tools for the specific reason helping learners identify and start really working with their own strength to find clarity and increase student involvement so they feel empowered to co-create the course content with you and help them understand their feelings relating to to running processes and tap into those in a more positive frame of mind? Then you’re in the right place.

Should you want to have a list of 50 questions that you can use to really boost learner confidence this is also the e-book for you – all in 25 pages. If you want business language scenarios to support for job interviews, meetings and help managers understand their learning processes and communication challenges, you will also profit from these tips and insights.

In part 3 this e-book addresses methodology, answering questions like working one-to-one vs in groups the inferiority or superiority of coaching to teaching, keeping learners accountable and using active listening in a powerful way. Additionally you get tips on how to create and work with a learning journal to benefit your learner.

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