The Hero Coaching Tool


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The Hero Coaching Tool (12 pages) PDF 1.18 MB

Hero e-book: A fun way to work with clients in a coaching process to identify their strengths.

If you want to help your clients discover their strengths and build on opportunities rather than stress about how they are not achieving their goals… well this might just be the tool you need that will get your client back in shape and reframe any limiting beliefs they have.

  • Are you looking for a tool that engages and supports?
  • Do your clients need support so they can find the best version of themselves?
  • Is what you are missing a simple yet versatile coaching tool?

Prepare to work with this tool over 1 or 2 sessions and co-create a HERO your client can identify with over time.

  • Easy to follow and adapt to any coaching situation where achieving goals need further support
  • Visually stimulating diagram to increase creativity in the process
  • Superhero visuals all throughout
  • With options to use certain steps as home assignments
  • Complete with tasks and coaching questions
  • A 5-page handout template for you to print and use


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