The Language Coaching Mastery Quick Guide


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The Language Coaching Mastery Quick Guide (20 pages) PDF 1.14 MB

Unlock the secrets of coaching success with this dynamic e-book packed with unique tools and techniques. Are you searching for innovative ways to support your language learners, empowering them to be more autonomous, liberate themselves from what holds them back and make decisions they are happy with? Imagine your learners confidently taking the reins of their language-learning journey!

In just 20 pages, this transformative e-book serves up a treasure trove of instantly actionable ideas, injecting a burst of excitement into your lessons.

Boost your professional confidence as you tap into the art of language coaching mastery.

Say goodbye to dull and routine, and embrace the power to inspire your learners.

Are you ready to sprinkle some magic into your teaching? This e-book is your next step!


  • Some Questions to Get You Started
  • Language Coaching Tools and Techniques
  • Tool 1: The Starfish Diagram
  • Tool 2: Control vs Influence
  • Tool 3: Choices/Resources Quadrant
  • Technique 1: Shooting for the Stars
  • Technique 2: Time Capsule
  • Reflection


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