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with Pablo Molina Byers
For years, we’ve observed how a ‘traditional’ education system doesn’t do the best job at preparing learners for the challenges of today’s society, frustrating, depleting and failing teachers and learning institutions. So, what can we do as professionals to empower education? Many things, one of which is encouraging and fostering ‘agency’—the ability to choose and act. Exercising ‘agency’ can set learners up for success, ensuring fulfillment and motivation for teachers and creating inspirational and transcendental learning institutions.  Whether you are a teacher, a teacher trainer, or responsible for an educational institution, by applying a few coaching principles, you can achieve this and more. You can truly open doors for everybody to be agents of their own learning journey. This talk takes the concept of ‘agency’ from coaching, so, it’ll explore some of its principles so that you can take away example techniques and procedures to inspire, transcend, enjoy!
Pablo Molina Byers is a dynamic educator with a rich background in teaching, training, and academic leadership. From a CELTA to a TEFL degree to the DELTA, he has held diverse roles, evolving from a dedicated teacher, to speaking examiner, to director of studies and academic manager. Currently, he wears multiple hats as a university professor in the TEFL master’s program at Universidad Europea and serves as a coach, mentor, and trainer for teachers and educational institutions through Generación Futura. A certified coach by ICF and ASESCO, Pablo advocates for personal and professional growth, believing in the transformative power of agency and creativity. Beyond being an educator, he is a catalyst for positive change, driven by adventure, continuous learning, and a deep commitment to improving connections and communication in society.
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    April 23, 2024

    12:00 pm - ET time

    6:00 pm - Berlin time

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