A Language Coaching Process


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This step-by-step guide helps your learners through the following areas and provide you with a 10 session plan, which obviously you can take them to fully fit the needs of your learners and for your own unique language coaching style.

  • Session 1: Learning history + SWOT
  • Session 2: Goals and Action plan
  • Session 3: Detailed language learning plan
  • Session 4: Support network and Resources
  • Session 5: Stop & Share, Coaching wheel
  • Session 6: Establishing clear focus
  • Session 7: Role-playing scenarios
  • Session 8: Motivation background
  • Session 9: Confidence & Success
  • Session 10: Long-term commitment

You may find that you you need to to re organise the order of the sessions or reduce the time spent with each tool or set of ideas – and this is fine this is all about how you can customise and provide the best support for each language learner you work with.

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