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Introducing “The Educator’s Coaching Cards” – your essential companion for guiding
language learners on their journey to fluency. With a set of 40 captivating images and
thought-provoking questions, these cards empower both learners and educators to
understand language acquisition at a new level.
Why is this your ideal Session tool?
1. Let the learner or group members steer the session. No rigid plan is needed – just
follow their lead and remain flexible in your approach.
2. Choose a limited number of pictures that resonate with the learner’s current needs
or challenges.
3. Connect the chosen pictures logically or discuss them sequentially.
4. Encourage learners to craft their own questions for self-reflection, uncovering
insights that matter to them.
5. Combine the cards with familiar tools like SWOT analysis or SMART goals for
enhanced clarity and direction for complete integration and efficiency.
6. Guide learners in reflecting on their learning journey, to enhance their awareness
and growth.
What skills will these cards develop for language learners beyond those in conventional
language lessons?
1. Reflection
By pondering over the thought-provoking questions and connecting them to their
language-learning journey, learners will cultivate self-awareness and introspection.
Reflection allows them to assess their progress, identify strengths, and acknowledge
areas for improvement.
2. Critical thinking
As learners analyze and interpret the images and questions presented on the cards,
they will exercise critical thinking skills. They’ll evaluate their language learning
strategies, consider alternative approaches, and make informed decisions about their
learning path.
3. Problem-solving
The cards encourage learners to address challenges and obstacles they encounter in
their language learning journey. By brainstorming solutions and exploring different
perspectives, they develop problem-solving skills essential for overcoming linguistic
4. Creativity
Engaging with diverse images stimulates learners’ creativity and imagination. They’ll
find innovative ways to apply their language skills, experiment with new techniques,
and express themselves more fluently and authentically.

5. Goal-setting
Integrating the cards with tools like SMART goals prompts learners to set clear,
achievable objectives for their language learning journey. They learn to prioritise
tasks, track their progress, and stay motivated towards reaching their linguistic goals.
6. Collaboration
In group settings, learners engage in collaborative learning experiences. They share
insights, exchange ideas, and learn from each other’s perspectives, supporting each
other support in their language-learning efforts.
7. Communication
Through discussions prompted by the cards, learners have the chance to practise
articulating their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in the target language. They refine
their communication skills, enhance their vocabulary, and gain confidence in
expressing themselves effectively.

For Educators:
 Explore new avenues in coaching with these dynamic cards.
 Adapt your approach based on learner preferences and needs.
 Experience transformative moments as you navigate coaching sessions.
 Rate your experience on a scale of 1-10 and witness the evolution in your coaching
 Embrace the new reality of empowered language learners.
Unlock the potential of “The Educator’s Coaching Cards” to ignite curiosity, deepen
understanding, and propel language learners towards proficiency. Whether you’re a
language coach, educator, or learner yourself, these cards offer a pathway to linguistic
mastery and self-discovery. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey – order your
set today!

The Educator’s coaching cards

These cards are ideal for using in a first session, or to identify ways to approach specific pain
points you have noticed for learners.

Let the learner or members of a group guide you to the most beneficial, effective work

Be sure to use these cards as guidelines, feel OK to move away from the questions below
each picture – they might not be relevant – but some might ignite inspiring coaching work.

Most important – be present, listen and respond with your best coaching self.

How to use

Don’t have any pre-planned way to work with the cards – follow your learner’s lead – ask
them what they’d like to do, how they’d prefer to work with the cards.

2. Ask your learner (or group) to choose the picture they feel they need. You can limit to 5 to
choose from, for example, to save time. Next, ask them to connect the pictures logically, or
talk about them in a linear, one-after-another way.

3. You may cover the questions and ask your learner to think up questions that can help
them, only showing the questions beneath the picture after working through their

4. Use the cards in combination with tools, e.g. SWOT, SMART goals, Coaching Wheel etc.

5. Be sure to ask the learners what the have learned, what has shifted for them – help them


…And as ILCA is a coaching organisation, some self-reflection for you, the coach:
 Where has usage of these cards taken you?
 What are you doing differently as you learn to work with your learners through
 Can you identify highlight moments?
 On a scale of 1-10 how useful have you found these cards?
 What is the new reality?
 What new ideas have the cards sparked in your coaching work?
 What doors have opened (or closed)?

If you are looking for a set of cards that not only makes learners talk but raise awareness about their
journey, their challenges and their strengths, this set of cards is for you!

These cards provide a supportive framework for asking about specific learning-related areas or
checking out random ideas connected to language learning and language usage. Some explore
learner identity, motivation, fears, and struggles, others look into ways to take the steps that count.

Whatever you wish to use these cards for, you will see the benefits with each and every learner you
share them with.

We also invite you to upcoming workshops where we share tips and tricks to use the cards to their
advantage and demonstrate the strength of collaborative card usage.

Details and purchasing:
As it comes in a convenient pdf format, you can choose what size to print to suit your needs.
The pdf comes with your name on each card, so you can be sure it is a unique copy.


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